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Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends

Fashion designers are being guided by their own calendar, always anticipating the upcoming season’s trends months and even a year beforehand. While you were living a careless summer relaxing on the beach, the world famous swim fashion week was on bringing new whimsical designs of swimwear and beach cover-ups for the next summer to come. From eye-feasting patterns and colors to fancy designs and futuristic style solutions used, the spring/ summer 2015 swimwear trends bring a rich diversity of styles, shapes and shades to meet the style expectations and demands of the fashionable crowd. Depending on your own body shape you have a wide range of one-of-a-kind swimwear options to choose from this summer, securing your impressive appearance on the beach and always staying ahead of the game! So discussing the main tendencies and style flows observed on the famous runways, we can point out the following trendy swimwear options for summer 2015!
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #1: 3D Printed Swimwear

We always love to experiment with exciting printed and patterned looks when hitting the beach, as this is one of the best ways to stand out in the sun from such a big crowd of beach lovers. Exclusive 3D printed and patterned swimwear styles are the first on this list, since they do surprise with the interesting dimension of the photo prints used, which only enhance the uniqueness of the pieces. This summer, you’re welcome to try this imaginative trend thanks to the wow-worthy designs of Mara Hoffman, Salinas, Agua de Coco, Adriana Degreas and many others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: 3D Printed Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #2: High Neck Crop Top Bikini Styles

A new interesting swimwear trend that we have started to see quite frequently recently is the high neck crop top bikini style, which at first sight might not be the best option you can pick if getting a perfect tan is your aim. Still, such pieces look ultimately cute and innocent and can be a go-to option for you on the days when you want to show off your style more than just get a tan. For inspiration check out the colorfully nature printed designs of Salinas, the slogan sporty options of Wildfox or the minimalist nude high neck crop top bikinis from Frankies.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: High Neck Crop Top Bikinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #3: Longline Bikini tops

Just like those high neck bikinis, longline bikini tops also add a big dose of cuteness and femininity to the wearer’s look, though not being the ideal beach style for suntanning. Bearing charming retro motifs, these options promise to turn you into the ultimate beach bunnies whatever beach you hit this summer. Especially cute is the asymmetrical ruffled longline bikini top of Maaji Swimwear, as well as the brand’s lovely gingham and horse patterned longline bikini set. In case of this Mara Hoffman set, the bikini top is slightly shorter and it manages to stun with its clashing bright patterns.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Longline Bikini Tops

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #4: Long-Sleeved Swimwear

If it’s not longline than it’s long-sleeved and extravagant (extravagant, since we never ever imagine long sleeves when looking for a swimsuit). Available both as one-pieces and stylish separates, long-sleeved swimwear designs come as innovation and something totally exclusive, targeting those ladies trying to make a big style statement when glamorously lounging at the pool. Long-sleeved one-pieces were unveiled by Cia Maritima, Agua de Coco and Adriana Degreas, in case of which we saw absolutely dressy and sophisticated styles featuring chiffon motifs. On the other hand, Belusso, Mara Hoffman, Suboo and Beach Bunny came up with stylish separates featuring unexpected long sleeves.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeved Swimwear
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeved Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #5: Retro Swimwear

Oh those retro vibes! We so much love them, no matter it’s about beauty, fashion or swimwear. Stylish high-waisted bottoms still keep their hot positions in the range of spring/ summer 2015 swimwear trends, coming as stylish alternatives for those, looking for a better coverage and a more fashionable outcome. Inspired from those charming ‘60s, high-waisted retro swimwear options were spotted at Agua de Coco, Amapo, Wildfox, Mara Hoffman and others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: High-Waisted Retro Swimwear
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Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #6: Sporty Chic Swimwear

Sporty chic is back to fashion as we learn it from the hottest spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends, and this has influenced the swimwear trends as well. Featuring creative zips, cuts neoprene materials and interesting slogans, sporty chic swimwear designs come packed with a big dose of style and comfort, which is what a modern fashioniser is on the hunt for. Cute are those sporty-chic swimwear styles by Wildfox embellished with pastel shades, zips and slogans, as well as those options from Luli Fama, Caffe Swimwear and others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Sporty Chic Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #7: Provocative Sheer Swimwear

Another absolutely unexpected and creative swimwear style for the new season is that featuring mesh and sheer materials, quite often revealing more than intended, yet never looking vulgar. This certainly isn’t the ideal option to be sported to the beach, however, sheer swimwear designs make unmatchable alternatives for those glamorous nighttime poolside parties, when you strive to look ultra-mysterious and sophisticated. Thus, Adriana Degreas showed a mind-blowing option of sheer one-piece swimwear showing plays of laser-cut leather and tiny peplum hems. No less striking was the elegant black see-through one-piece from the same swimwear designer. On the other hand, you are sure to fall in love with the futuristic fetish two-piece by Minimale Animale, composed of a high-cut golden bottom with quirky straps and a mesh crop top stamped with golden angel wings. The black mesh one-piece of Luli Fama carried notes of sporty chic style and looked no less spectacular.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Sheer Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #8: Fluttering Flounce Bikini Tops

Fluttering flounce bikini tops form the following girly swimwear trend for the new season, coming packed with lots of innocence and cuteness. Those easy-breezy pieces look and feel both maximum comfortable and unique also bearing slight motifs of retro fashion. You may get inspired from the laser-cut flounce bikini top of Maaji, the pastel-colored options from Wildfox or the floral printed tiny flounce bikinis from Cia Maritima.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Fluttering Flounce Bikini Tops

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #9: Ruffled Swimwear

Continuing in the same girly mood we come across those lovely and pretty details – ruffles and frills – adding so much innocence and flirtiness to simplistic designs. Ruffled bikini tops are especially great swimwear options for those having a smaller bust, while those with a big bust are advised to stay away from this style. Ruffles and frills were seen at Zimmermann, Maaji, Dolores Cortes and others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Ruffled Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #10: Sophisticated and Elegant Swimwear Designs

Taking swimwear design to a whole new level, many designers showed high-end options meant for that glamorous society. These are pieces not everyone can wear and not everywhere you can see girls wearing, since they require at least high heels to look perfectly complemented. Embellished with lovely neck bows, thin waist-enhancing belts, sheer motifs and classy patterns, sophisticated and elegant swimwear designs could be seen at the swim shows of Adriana Degreas, Zimmermann and Wildfox. Bold enough to sport them?
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Elegant Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #11: Unconventional Leather Swimwear

Leather swimwear styles are the next on our list of exceptional and innovative swim designs for summer 2015, ready to make jaws drop and hearts beat faster. Looking so edgy, dramatic and unconventional, leather swimwear designs might ask a perfect body and a big confidence from one to sport them. While Adriana Degreas tried to show the fragile and sophisticated side of leather swimwear by applying lots of laser cuts to it, Dolores Cortes and Suboo opted for multi straps and sexy lacing to add power to their designs. Creative enough, huh?
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Leather Swimwear
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Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #12: Sexy Cut-Away Swimwear

While many designers played with unconventional materials, shapes and patterns to make their swimwear creations unique and outworldly, many others went for creative slits and cut-outs boosting the drama and seductiveness of their designs. Whether it’s about a traditional one-piece or bikini sets, we saw lots of cut-away styles at these swim fashion shows, like in case of the new beach lines of Mara Hoffman, Agua de Coco, Cia Maritima, Movimento and others. Some other designers also used extra straps for their bikini bottoms, presenting some quirky designs and sexy strappy bottoms for those trying to look more seductive on the beach.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Cut-Away Swimwear
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Cut-Away Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #13: Mismatched Bikinis

Playing with various colors, textures and patterns is still hot, giving you one more chance to show off your creativity and unique style when it comes to mix and matching pieces. Mismatched bikini sets are not only bright and cool, but they also represent a stunning way of balancing your proportions, emphasizing your assets and hiding small figure flaws. While Luli Fama and Maaji Swimwear showed sets mix and matching monochrome pieces with printed designs, DSquared2 stayed true to the same texture and monochrome pattern, giving preference to color contrasts.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Mismatched Bikinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #14: Sexy Monokinis

Fans of the monokini styles can rejoice, as these swimwear designs still preserve their hot positions. However, in the new season monokinis come reinvented and updated, being kind of intermediate options between solid one-pieces and sexy separates. Some designers used intertwining lines to join the tops and bottoms of the swimwear designs, while others turned to knits and openwork inserts to make their designs stand out. There were also designers that presented a sort of one-piece monokini swimwear designs embellished with lots of creative cut-outs. Especially interesting are the monikinis from Luli Fama, Beach Bunny, Sauvage, Toxic Sadie, Indah and others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Monokinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #15: Bandeau Bikinis

Being the universally flattering styles that are the best in terms of cuteness and sunbathing, bandeau bikinis never get out of style and we just love that! If you are looking for innovative and creative designs, just go for those twisted, knotted and one-shoulder bandeau bikinis, and if traditional, yet colorful and equally smashing is what you are on the hunt for, than the options from Luli Fama, Cia Maritima, Caffe Swimwear, Maaji Swimwear, Wildfox and others can quite work the magic for you!
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Bandeau Bikinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #16: Imaginative Trinkinis

Next to those sexy monokinis, imaginative trinkinis are also hot, hot and hot this summer! Those are one-pieces that look like a one-piece with cut-outs from the front, yet resemble a two-piece from the back. Using lovely colors, patterns and design details like straps, trinkinis come in a big variety and promise to turn you into the lovely mermaid on the beach. For inspiration, check out the designs from Belusso, Movimento, Maaji Swimwear and others.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Trinkinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #17: Printed and Patterned Swimwear

Looking through the main summer 2015 swimwear trends it may seem to you that designers have taken swimsuits for canvas for painting, as we encounter so many bright and vibrant prints and patterns in line with those 3D images. From tribal prints and lovely florals to creative slogans, abstract and animal motifs, geometric forms, tie-dyeing, watercoloring, polka dots, stripes, gingham patterns and nature hints, summer 2015 swimwear pieces come decked with absolutely any and all patterns and prints one can only imagine, looking so cool and energizing. Look through the collections of Suboo, Maaji Swimwear, Wildfox, Cia Maritima, Mara Hoffman, Frankies, Luli Fama and others and get stunned by such a plethora of unique prints and patterns.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Printed and Patterned Swimwear
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Printed and Patterned Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #18: Classic Monochrome Swimwear

Still, minimalist and timeless monochrome swimwear is trendy too for all those, who think less is more and love using accessories for brightening up their simplistic looks. Whether it’s something black, white, neutral, pastel or brightly colored, monochrome designs triumphed on the runway this year. While Osklen and Wildfox showed their love for simple black and white designs, Luli Fama showed how cute pastel monochrome swimsuits could be!
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Monochrome Swimwear

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #19: Triangle Top Bikinis

Being the most versatile and timeless bikini styles, triangle top bikinis are also among each and every season’s swimwear trends, including this summer’s. Forget about being shy and show off your perfect figure opting for those creative strappy bikini sets from Indah and Luli Fama, or the wonderful alternatives from Cia Maritima, Belusso and Caffe Swimwear.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: Triangle Top Bikinis

Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trend #20: Traditional One-Piece Swimwear

Monochrome or printed, with a better coverage or with creative cut-outs, traditional one-piece swimwear options are among the best and the most trustworthy spring/ summer 2015 swimwear trends. We love the slightly sporty printed one-pieces from Maaji Swimwear, the digitally printed looks rom Mara Hoffman, the one-shoulder monochrome designs from Caffe Swimwear, the minimalist white one-piece with side cut-outs from Osklen and the uber-cute sandwich-patterned option from Wildfox.
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimwear
Spring/ Summer 2015 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimwear
From the big variety of designs available in the spring/ summer 2015 swimwear trends you are more than sure to find the style that best matches your personality and figure. So update your beach drawer and get ready to make waves in style this summer!
Photos courtesy of Fashionising