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7 things you didn't see on TV during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (VIDEO)

In early November some heavenly Angels clad in jewel-encrusted lingerie gathered in front of some mere mortals to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
The show, which was filmed at Pier 94 in New York City, also attracted a high caliber of musical acts, including Halsey, Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, The Chainsmokers, Kelsea Ballerini (who, by the way, could practically have been one of the walking models) and show-enders, The Struts. While the likes of Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and Behati Prinsloo strutted their stuff on the catwalk, photographers frantically snapped pics, celebrities and glamorous socialites in the crowd cheered for their significant others and pals, and pop stars strategically maneuvered around the stage to prevent colliding with models…

But you saw all that on TV. Here are a few things EW witnessed when we attended the filming of the show back in November that didn’t make it to the small screen on Sunday night.
1. As the crowd took to their seats, champagne flutes in hand, Laverne Cox found hers and proceeded to seat-dance and sing along to Britney Spears’ “You Drive Me Crazy” before the show began. She also snapped a quick selfie, while Trevor Noah and The Weeknd chatted beside her, but when Leela James opened the show with a goosebumps-inducing, spot-lit rendition of The Greatest Showman‘s “This Is Me,” everyone promptly shut up.
2. An opening message about female empowerment that played on the video screen before the ladies took to the catwalk garnered little response (other than an eye roll or two) from the audience. No, we don’t buy it that sometimes Angels have ugly days in their PJs too, okay?
3. And when they started walking, some models got a better response from the crowd than others. The Weeknd got to his feet every time girlfriend Bella Hadid walked, while Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine blew each other kisses, but the greatest response was saved for Adriana Lima who made her final walk at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. You could even hear the other models cheering backstage. When it came to performers, applause for Shawn Mendes was the loudest by far.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage
4. When the models make it to the end of runway, to have a million photos taken by the waiting photographers and blow a kiss directly into the camera, they know exactly where to stop and pose thanks to a little heart light projected on the ground. Also, the ceiling is mirrored — hey, if I looked like a VS Angel, I’d want mirrors constantly on hand to check myself out at any and all given times too.
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
5. A bunch of set design changes go down during the commercial break. Okay, so that’s probably fairly obvious, but a couple of technicians did have to wrestle with huge buckets of water that were strategically placed under the fake rain showers to catch all the droplets. One of the shower contraptions took a minute to turn fully off after the number was over, but in the end, the technicians won out.
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
6. Ahead of her performance, Bebe Rexha stood on her designated spot in the middle of the catwalk and danced along to Gwen Stefani’s “I’m Just a Girl” before the cameras started rolling again.
7. Yes, the girls really are as beautiful as they appear on television. As much as you want to think they’re airbrushed to perfection, I was pretty close and saw nary a blemish on any of their bodies. Sigh.
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Victoria’s Secret’s Bad Month Has Gotten Even Worse

Ratings for the fashion show tumbled, and the show’s headline performer Halsey broke her silence to criticize it on Instagram.

The Victoria’s Secret show on Sunday was a ratings bust for ABC. The viewing audience of around three million amounts to roughly a third of those who watched just half a decade ago. But for some, the anemic viewership was vindication. Victoria’s Secret C.M.O. Ed Razek made many a bloc of enemies for the brand in an interview published in Vogue, after this year’s show was taped, in which he articulated the narrow scope of what the company considers beautiful. Plus-size and transgender women were not the “fantasy” that Victoria’s Secret is selling, he said. “Why don’t you do 50?” Razek asked hypothetically, referencing size. “Why don’t you do 60? Why don’t you do 24? It’s like, why doesn’t your show do this? Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.”
The tone-deaf comments clanged around the Internet for days. Razek released a statement walking it all back the following day, and Kendall Jenner and other models posted messages in support of trans rights, though they did not call out the company explicitly. Jan Singer, the C.E.O. of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, announced she would be stepping down a few days after Razek’s remarks were published.

And then there was Halsey, who had already taped her appearance on the show when the interview was published, and remained silent on the comments for a time. On Sunday, after the show aired, she registered her own protest, posting an Instagram that said the taping “was supposed to be the best night of my year.” She continued, “However, after I filmed the performance, some comments were made regarding the show that I simply cannot ignore. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusivity. Especially not one motivated by stereotype.”
The singer, who identifies as bisexual, encouraged her followers to donate to a L.G.B.T.Q. youth-services organization, and said she’d donated a “sizeable” amount as well. “If you are a trans person reading this, and these comments have made you feel alienated or invalidated please know that you have allies. We stand in solidarity, and complete and total acceptance is the only ‘fantasy’ that I support,” she added.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has never been known for its inclusivity. The first Asian model walked in 2009, nearly 15 years into its existence, and you could always count on it to flatten some world culture into bad sartorial innuendo. The show has had its critics for years, but rarely right there on its own runway.