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Showing posts from August, 2017

Sí, esta es la réplica de juguete de R2-D2 que andabas buscando cuando eras pequeño

What to Know About the Royal Blood in Princess Diana's Family

This year, to mark the 20 years since Princess Diana's death on Aug. 31, 1997, many of her admirers may make a pilgrimage to her burial site at Althorp, her childhood home in Northamptonshire, England. That home, which has been in her family since 1508, is just one of the reminde…

Greatest nail artist ''TONY LY''

MTV Video Music Awards: Red Carpet Arrivals

While the debut of  Taylor Swift’s  new music video for her latest single “ Look What You Made Me Do ” is one of the most anticipated parts of the  2017 MTV Video Music Awards , the singer’s not the only exciting part of the show. With Katy Perry hosting, Miley Cyrus performing, Kend…