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Showing posts from October, 2021

Adele Reinvents 73 Questions with a Special Surprise

Pardon the cliche, but it truly has been a whirlwind year for Adele: From her  November Vogue cover  to the release of her new single  “Easy on Me”  (her first in almost six years) and upcoming album, the singer is busier than ever, but she's still generous enough to make time to answ…

#TeenVogue :5 Dominican Women Claiming Space In Music, Fashion and Women's Liberation

Their voices have become representative of much larger conversations on race, sexuality, and women’s rights taking place in the country. When rappers such as Milka La Mas Dura, Arianna Puello, and Heidy Brown stepped into the hip-hop en español scene, the world had overgone a series of …