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"Designer of the Week"

Moises Quesada

A passion for the fashion what is its most direct means of expression, and lived with intensity every detail that carries out their creations to the runways.

The designer Moises Quesada, Dominican, awarded the prize "Best DM13 collection" for his proposal "EOS", has seven consecutive years in the Dominican Fashion and presenting the 2012 edition in his collection "Reloaded" was awarded Best Female Collection.  In 2011 he presented "MQDC" top 5-ranked www.style.it and www.vogue.it portals.

In 2010, "Ray of Light" recognized international coverage Venezuela, Honduras, Puerto Rico and www.Vogue.it and www.Style.it.

In 2009 "Endangered Species" was among the 10 favorite collections of all local magazines and Hello Spain. "My Hormones" in 2008 and "Metropolis" debut in 2007 as being the first generation of new designers of Dominicana Moda.

Recently, he participate of the The Fall/Winter 2015 New York Fashion Week with a great collection made for Goddess. 

For what he has achieved, for the present and for the uncoming projects in the future Moises Quesada is our designer of the week.

Designer: IG @Moises_Quesada
Pics by: www.BeautifulEpiphany.com