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¿ Why you should wear vegan polish?


We admit it, we love painting our nails, discovering the latest trends in nail art and even trying to do them ourselves at home (the quarantine has become long). 

We love to combine them with our 'outifts', our 'mood' and even decorate them for days as important as Pride. 

However, constantly applying polish without giving your nails a break, especially if you have gel or false nails, can damage them. But don't worry, where there is a problem there is a solution, and vegan nail polishes are here for you to pamper your nails while you look like a perfect manicure. How do they do that? We will explain it to you below.

What are vegan nail polishes

When we hear about this type of enamels, what we think of is products not tested on animals. However, that a nail polish is vegan also implies that it does not use harsh chemicals and is respectful with the environment. The enamels that we usually apply in salons or those that we buy to apply at home, accumulate a series of harmful products.

Patricia Figuereo, CEO of Polished By P., explains that for their manicures they use vegan nail polishes, which are "6 free". That is, they are free of the following components:

1-Toludene and formaldehyde: petroleum derivatives that increase the durability of enamel, but inhalation can be harmful.

2- DBP or phthalates: it is a chemical used in plastics and solvents, European regulation has limited its use in cosmetics.

3- Formaldehyde resin: provides durability and shine but can be irritating to people with sensitive skin.

4- Camphor: in high amounts it can be toxic.

5- Parabens: they act as preservatives, since 2014 the European Union has limited their use in cosmetics.

6- Xylene: its continued inhalation can be toxic.


Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Patricia, I am the Creator/Founder of PolishedByP.
PolishedByP was created out of my love for discovering high quality nail lacquer for natural and acrylic nails. This brand is a representation of myself and the people that I love and inspire me daily. PolishedByP is Afro-Latina owned and it's finally here, a dream come true!

PolishedByP is hand mixed in small batches in New York City. Each color is "Made  with Love and Intention." My creativity comes from my love of music and creating an organic and safe space. I feel the most fulfilled when I create and I use this creativity to heal myself spiritually. 

When you purchase PolishedByP Nail Lacquer, you are purchasing a vibe, a mood and a story. The colors are a representation and reflection of my journey while creating the brand. They are vibrant but also subtle. Transport yourself there one brush stroke at a time.

PolishedByP is an inclusive and diverse brand that intentionally creates shades and colors for all skin tones.

Certified by PETA, PolishedByP is completely vegan, cruelty free and free of any harmful chemicals.  

Please visit the FAQ page for any questions you may have. Should you not find the answer to your question/s, please email us at polishedbypnyc@gmail.com

Shop Here: 

Mellow Vibe Set
                                       Mellow Vibe Set